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Some of my earliest memories in life are of jewelry. I loved the stories my father told me of my grandfather mining the gold that went into the wedding rings that they had inherited and wore. The stories of the turquoise in my mothers earrings and belt or the details behind each charm on her bracelet. I was never bored spending a morning sifting her jewelry drawer.

My first trip to the Smithsonian at 12 was highlighted by the entire afternoon at the natural history museum and sneaking a picture of the hope diamond. My love and passion for jewels and jewelry has followed me my entire life.

Sadly I didn’t take the direct path to being a jeweler. I spent the first 30 years of my life as a software developer. However, I never lost site of my love for jewelry and I spent much of non-work time attending jewelry and watch conventions. After selling my software company and being too young (at heart) to retire I decided to start my final career as a jeweler.

I didn’t want to be just any jeweler. I wanted to work only on high jewelry. Grand delusions for someone without a pedigree of the last 30 years in the business. I felt strongly that I couldn’t design beautiful jewelry unless I knew how it was fabricated down to the smallest detail so spent almost a year researching schools during the first year of the pandemic until I was satisfied I had found and been accepted into the best schools in the world. I moved to Nashville taking every class offered by Blaine Lewis at NASJ and studied under Jason Marchafava and Drew Hadley both master jewelers from Tiffany’s. I then took classes at L’Ecole School of Jewelry Arts by Van Cleef and Arpels in Paris, and lived in Rome to study at the Accademia Delle Arti Orafe and Gerardi Setting School. Finishing off my education in jewelry technology taking CAD classes in Rhino and Matrix.

Along the way I built an advanced and modern studio with every old world tool and new world technology that was out there. My days are spent with my obsession and every piece is made with love and the appreciation I have for this art.

Custom CAD design and 3D printing
Using Rhino and Matrix Gold and printing on 8K and 12K 3D Resin printers.


Advanced Pave Certificate
Stone Setting Certificate
Stone Setting Certificate
Bench Jeweler Comprehensive
Matrix Gold
Essential Rhino
Advanced Laser